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Hardwood Single Candle Stand/Holder
Special Price ₹120.00 Regular Price ₹240.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Hardwood Two Candle Stand/Holder
Special Price ₹250.00 Regular Price ₹470.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Hardwood Four Candle Stand/Holder
Special Price ₹490.00 Regular Price ₹950.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Walnut prelaminated hardwood mdf Phone or iPad Stand- 6" x 4"
Special Price ₹500.00 Regular Price ₹1,030.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Hardwood mdf Square Box Stand in Dark Walnut Finish
Special Price ₹1,650.00 Regular Price ₹2,100.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Beautiful Bed Lamp with an Elegant Baby Pink Shade and a Brown Base
Special Price ₹3,750.00 Regular Price ₹4,680.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Sweden Prelam Bedside Table with Walnut Finish- 12"x12"x18"
Special Price ₹3,950.00 Regular Price ₹5,400.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Bed Utility Stand in Walnut Veneered Hardwood mdf - 9"x17.5"x12"
Special Price ₹4,300.00 Regular Price ₹5,400.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Sweden Bed Side Table Made of Indiana Walnut veneered hardwood mdf- 12"x12"x18"
Special Price ₹4,950.00 Regular Price ₹6,600.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Buy Bedroom Furniture Online at Lowest Prices

People's bedrooms are typically their happy places, and they like to fill them with everything that makes them happy. Most of us want to keep our bedrooms comfortable and simple, while some choose to make them stylish and practical. In both cases, you'll need high-quality, functional furniture, which is where Jacfurn comes in to assist you in making the most of your space and boosting the spirit of a room.

As you will likely spend most of your time in your bedroom, the furniture you choose should be thoroughly researched. The key to finding the ideal furniture for your needs is to plan.

With JacFurn on your side, all you have to do is measure the room and supply us with the measurements. We’ll assist you with the rest. We can undoubtedly provide you with the proper beds with our collection of kid's bedroom furniture, single beds, bunk beds, Queen and King sized beds. We also have a multipurpose sofa cum-bed if you need something truly compact. The correct beds can improve the room's functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal.

Wide Range of Kerala Bedroom Furniture Sets

It's easier than you think to incorporate functional elements into a room; all you have to do is put the correct complementary furnishings in place. Fortunately, JacFurn can assist you with that as well. We have dressers, mirrors, side tables, study tables, lamps, wardrobes, and a wide range of other furniture that may improve the practicality and attractiveness of your space.

If you have a small bedroom, two shutter wardrobes or three shutter wardrobes with mirrors are also an excellent alternative. We also have sliding two shutter wardrobes or sliding three shutter wardrobes. We also have a selection of multi-functional dressing tables with mirrors that have various storage drawers.

Since it is an investment and a part of your home development process, it is always a good idea to acquire the most outstanding quality furniture at the cheapest costs you can. Nowadays, there is a whole new world of furniture to choose from.

On the other hand, Wooden furniture is a timeless classic that has yet to be outdone by any other material. Jacfurn has long been regarded as one of the best wood and wood product manufacturers which made it the best furniture store in Kerala. You can now see and feel our high-quality furniture in person at our furniture showrooms across Kerala, as well as on our website.

Why Buy Bedroom Furniture from JacFurn?

Mock-up Bedrooms 

Before you buy your furniture, JacFurn allows you to feel and experience it. We've created mock-up bedrooms in our showrooms by putting together complete bedroom furniture sets so customers can see how their rooms will look once they buy and put the furniture together.

Even on our websites, we offer photographs of furniture arranged next to one other to assist you in finding pieces that may compliment your choice. Visualising the piece of furniture in terms of size, colour, theme, and other factors will give you an idea of how it will appear.


Thanks to its competence in wood and wood products, JacFurn has established itself as Kerala's most major furniture selling and producing firm. With stores throughout Kerala selling high-quality, eco-friendly, and affordable furniture, JacFurn Store is a one-stop shop for all of your furniture needs. Since 1959, JacFurn has produced high-quality goods using sustainable resources that fulfil industry requirements and comply with environmental rules.

Quality Furniture 

We endeavour to keep our prices affordable while keeping a high level of quality and customer service. Cozy bedrooms naturally make it easier to relax and slip into a good night's sleep. Beechwood is a hardwood commonly used in the production of furniture, frames, and other home products.

It's tough, long-lasting, and abrasion-resistant. For the majority of our goods, JacFurn uses the highest quality European Beechwood sourced from Germany. This ensures that our products will last longer, saving you money and time. Our products and approaches are based on the knowledge we've gained over time.

Lifetime Maintenance Service 

JACFURN offers a lifetime warranty against any issues, as well as a lifetime maintenance service. Customers can come to us with the original invoice at any time to receive assistance with our furniture. Our products come with a good warranty and will handle minor repairs and complaints about free during the warranty period.

Our ability to take the initiative and interact with our clients has always been vital to our success. This is why we collaborate with our customers to create a maintenance plan that meets their specific needs and extends the life of their furniture.