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Walnut veneered arms Sofa Cum Bed 4' with Jute fabric upholstery.
As low as ₹59,400.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Easy Bed Convertible Sofa
As low as ₹190,000.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Teak veneered Florence Diwan with Back Support & Upholstered Seat
As low as ₹33,000.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Sofa Cum Bed

Are you looking for some smart furniture for your less spacious home? We have just the right furniture for you to make your place more welcoming, comfortable, and functional.

Yes, a Sofa Cum Bed.

Sofa cum bed is an amazing furniture piece that bestows extra benefits over an ordinary sofa set, especially for a petite home.

It is a versatile furniture piece, which can be used not only as a regular sofa but can also extend to an extra bed whenever you want to enjoy a comfortable nap or accommodate unexpected guests.

This multipurpose furniture is an intelligent and innovative solution to deal with space issues while giving your home an exquisite and stylish look.

Jacfurn is the leading furniture store in Kerala, offering trendy sofa cum beds in multiple styles, designs, and colours that can be the ultimate style icon of your living room.

Buy Sofa Cum Bed Online At The Best Price

Want an extra sleeping space in your home without taking up too much room? Buy multifunctional sofa cum bed online at great prices from Jacfurn and make efficient use of your space.

The great advantage of purchasing at Jacfurn is that you can get to choose your favorite furniture from a plethora of stylish and functional sofa cum bed options, all from the comfort of your home.

Shopping sofa cum bed online at a friendly price from Jacfurn will make your home look elegant on a budget because sofa cum bed is a 2 in 1 furniture that looks like a sofa and efficiently convertible to feel like a bed. 

Whether you are looking for bedroom furniture, home office furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, or bar furniture, you don’t have to roam around different stores; Jacfurn has it all.

With an aim to make your life more relaxed, we manufacture each piece of furniture from 100% premium natural wood and design each product with great attention to detail. Lifetime maintenance & service is an additional perk you only get at Jacfurn.

Incredible Collection of Wooden Sofa Cum Beds at Jacfurn

As the wood industry pioneer for over 100 years, Jacfurn uses high-quality raw materials to craft robust, durable, and abrasion-resistant wooden sofa cum beds. That is why our name is renowned as the top furniture store in Kerala to shop sofa cum bed. 

At Jacfurn, we relentlessly strive to bring you the best wooden sofa cum bed in quality, style, design, and finish at more affordable prices. Our sofa cum bed is a piece of quintessential furniture designed for exceptional comfort, aesthetic design, storage, durability, and sleeping benefits.

You don’t need to feel cramped and overcrowded, even if you have a compact living room. Our wooden sofa cum bed in alluring and beautiful designs with built-in storage space is a brilliant furniture piece to save space while keeping your home appealing and less clumsy.

With our multifunctional transforming sofa cum bed furniture, you can sit, relax, store and lie down comfortably.

Choosing the Best Sofa cum Bed for Your Space

Turning a sofa into a bed and a bed into a sofa can seem to be a lot of work, but we designed the sofa cum bed wooden in such a way that anybody can transform it with ease between sofa and bed.

One thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a sofa cum bed for your home is its size. Pick the right sofa cum bed that will fit your home.

Our single sofa cum bed might be a good option if you have less space in your living room. Whether you need a big four-seater with no storage functionality, a two-seater that provides utmost relaxation and aesthetic design, or something that adds a modern touch to your theme, we have got you covered.

We have a dynamic range of bed cum sofa in various designs, sizes, and styles, which suit your needs, fit your budget, and admirably graces the stylistic interior decor of your home.

Why Choose Jacfurn?

Jacfurn has a wide variety of sofa cum bed products at the best prices in our furniture stores in Kochi, Trivandrum, and Chennai stores. Shop online or visit our stores to buy the best sofa cum bed furniture in Kerala and Chennai.

Have a look through our complete assortment of furniture; there is a lot more to explore at Jacfurn other than the bed cum sofa.

Our exclusive collection of furniture includes sofa sets, TV units, center tables, storage cabinets, cots, dining sets, and study tables - just to name a few!

Shop your furnishings from Jacfurn and bring beauty to the interiors of your house. We guarantee that our furniture with improved aesthetics, greater efficiency, and enhanced comfort will become a crucial member of your home for years to come.