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Solidwood Swedan Sofa set, Upholstered Seats & backs in Walnut Finish
As low as ₹59,000.00
Regular Price ₹95,400.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

EP 1000 Armless Sofa Set with Cushioned Seats and Dark Walnut Finish
As low as ₹59,000.00
Regular Price ₹74,900.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Stylish BB two + three seater sofa set
As low as ₹97,500.00
Regular Price ₹156,250.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Santosa Upholstered Sofa Set with the richness of natural cane
As low as ₹98,500.00
Regular Price ₹153,750.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Roma Sofa Set with natural Teak veneer Finish
As low as ₹98,500.00
Regular Price ₹152,000.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Solid wood Elba Sofa Set, Upholstered Seats & backs and Dark Walnut Finish
As low as ₹99,500.00
Regular Price ₹124,375.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Solid wood Manila Sofa Set with the richness of natural cane & Comfortable Upholstered seats and Backrest
As low as ₹110,000.00
Regular Price ₹139,000.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Buy Sofa Set Online at Best Price

To create a beautiful home, planning its interior is crucial before purchasing all the Home furniture.  The living room is the house’s focal point; it is the first thing visitors notice when they arrive. Sofas have always been an essential feature of any home. In every living room, the sofa has established itself as the focal point. They aren't just ordinary pieces of furniture. They give your room an identity.

Your living space will never be complete without the correct sofa set, regardless of whether you decide on a modern or vintage motif. JacFurn offers various couch sets, centre tables, side tables, TV units, and decor in exquisite and contemporary styles to complement your house.

When it comes to sofas, we have something for everyone. From hosting tea parties to binge-watching to a sofa-cum bed for sleeping on the couch, there's something for everyone. Our range also includes a single-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, and a customized combo that can be personalized according to your preferences, making family get-togethers more exciting and involved.

Exclusive Collection of Kerala Wooden Sofa Sets

We prefer wood and wood items at JacFurn Furniture because we focus on quality, comfort, and durability. It's critical to get three things right when making a perfect sofa: the structure, foam, and fabric. These three elements influence how a sofa looks and feels. In addition, choose the ideal tint to give your room a sense of authenticity.

The sofa's Skelton structure lends it its shape and durability. This is where JacFurn upholds its reputation for employing high-quality wood to create unrivaled structural strength. The material used determines comfort, and we employ high resilience and density foam for a sag-free experience.

Our sofa set is both sturdy and comfortable because of its high density, which prevents it from sagging, and its resilience, which maintains it bouncing even over time. Apart from that, Jacfurn makes sure that the frame and foam combination is secure.

We have an incredible choice of fabrics to choose from, including velvet, linen, leather, cotton, leatherette, and a blend of natural and synthetic fabric to pass the test of quality and style. Our sofa fabrics come in a variety of colours and prints to complement your personal taste at JacFurn.

JacFurn sofas have a greater thread and rub count, making them both soft and long-lasting. These factors contribute to the overall cost difference; we maintain a typical differential from the local market.

Why Choose JacFurn?


The Jac Group has a long history in the timber and plantation industries, dating back over 100 years. In 1959, the Group entered the industrial sector. Our core competencies, we feel, are wood and wood products. We continue to be a major furniture shop in Kerala, with a strong presence in both the Indian and international markets and a diverse range of wood-related products. We're dedicated to upholding the principles and trust that have been passed down through the generations.


Every piece of Jacfurn furniture is made in our own factories with our own raw materials, allowing us to ensure complete control over the product's quality. Every piece is lovingly handcrafted to provide you with unrivalled comfort and style.

You can see and feel the quality of our furniture in our stores or on our website. We make furniture in a way that is both ecologically friendly and socially responsible. We have everything you need, including the dining room, bedroom, living room, and office furniture, all under one roof. Our culture values innovation as well as respect for environmental safety standards.

Choice of Upholstery 

JacFurn maintains a customer-friendly fabric range with appealing designs. Whatever style of upholstery you choose, we will be able to give you comfortable and durable fashionable furniture. You may also visit our website to buy sofa sets in Kerala online. With us, the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to selecting the appropriate upholstery. At JacFurn, you'll find an entirely new world of colours, patterns, and textures waiting for you.

Lifetime Maintenance Service 

We work closely with our customers, and you are free to contact us for any product-related information or assistance. We place a premium on client happiness. We assure you of prompt support for all your furniture-related issues and questions.

We can extend the life of many of your pieces rather than buying new furniture every few years. By repurposing your existing furniture rather than purchasing new furniture, you may save money and help the environment. We'll collaborate with you to keep your furniture structurally sound, painted and sealed, and comfortably upholstered.